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A simple & complete roadmap to guarantee a joyful journey.

What an exciting time in your life - welcoming a new baby into your home!

You have so many wonderful milestones ahead of you. Unfortunately, the joy of pregnancy can often be derailed by unpleasant symptoms. 

Are you currently experiencing morning sickness or nausea? 

Perhaps your morning routine has devolved into a bathroom routine, with your head planted firmly in the commode. Smells and nausea prevent you from eating simple meals. 

Tiredness and fatigue getting to you? 

Taking a nap is no longer a luxury but a necessity for regular functioning. Fatigue seems to consume most of your day; small tasks that would normally take 15 minutes to complete now take you an hour. 

Yolanda Heath, ND, CCA

Searching for Answers?

You may be searching for answers to many common concerns that are plaguing you during pregnancy. Or perhaps you’re proactively trying to avoid any future discomfort.

You’ve probably heard about remedies that women have used in the past - but are they right for you? Talking with friends and family sparks your curiosity to try certain teas, foods, essential oils, and other holistic remedies for your pregnancy symptoms. 

Then come the nagging questions: What if I do the wrong thing - will it make the symptoms worse or even hurt the baby? 

Doubt, uncertainty, and even fear begin to set in so you decide suffering is better than making the wrong choice. 

But deep down, you know there must be safe and natural alternatives to ease your pregnancy symptoms. And you’re right!

“I enjoyed this. There was a lot of information given clearly and simply, and the graphics were the same. It made using oils during pregnancy less scary. Thanks, Yolanda.”

- Linda St John

Yolanda Heath, ND, CCA, Navigating Essential Oils During Pregnancy

The Key to Using Essential Oils During Pregnancy is
Safety Education

By knowing which essential oils to use along with the right timing and delivery method, you will gain the confidence to try!


Essential oils are powerful products of nature with amazing health benefits. During this special time in your life, you need to remain educated and aware of what products you are using and how they affect your health and your growing baby!


Did you know that each trimester of pregnancy brings unique circumstances and safety guidelines to follow concerning essential oils?

power of knowledge;

 Through more than 30 years in the medical field, I’ve seen countless women
go through pregnancy.

I personally had my own experience with 2 pregnancies so I understand the many “joys” of the journey!

As a Clinical Certified Aromatherapist and Naturopathic Doctor, I am excited to share with you my knowledge and years of experience using essential oils.

The sources of information we are constantly bombarded with can feel totally overwhelming. These days, accessing reliable, trusted resources is a MUST when it comes to your health. 

Navigating Essential Oils During Pregnancy with Yolanda Heath

Yolanda Heath is a Naturopathic Doctor and Certified Clinical Aromatherapist with over 30 years of experience on a mission to help busy moms and their families stay healthy naturally.

“Yolanda, I learned so, so much from your presentation. I like that I learned the different oils for various trimesters and after pregnancy. It’s important for me to know them. The information you shared is clearly presented, organized, and encouraging. Thank you for all the tips. Good job!”
- Fe Tubio

Navigating Essential Oils During Pregnancy

One solution that did the trick!

A client of mine was having so much trouble with nausea and vomiting during her pregnancy that she couldn’t handle even smelling food, let alone eating anything.

She was getting weaker every day and we were concerned that she would end up in the hospital from dehydration.

I suggested that she try ginger to help with the nausea. WOW, what an impact it made!

Once she acclimated to the initial smell, her symptoms improved dramatically. She slowly began eating small meals and as her appetite increased, there was no turning back. She was able to fully enjoy the rest of her pregnancy with limited nausea and no hospitalization, delivering a healthy baby girl months later.


“Yolanda, Thank you very much. A lot of good information.”
- Dorota Jodynska

Learn How to Confidently use Essential Oils during Pregnancy with this Masterclass


Navigating Pregnancy with Essential Oils is more than a quick internet search for answers. You will get practical tips for incorporating essential oils right away to address your concerns! 

In a little over an hour, the masterclass Navigating Pregnancy with Essential Oils will educate you in the following areas:

  • What essential oils are, how they are obtained and used, plus questions to ask about quality so you know exactly what you’re using for your health.

  • Trimester-specific guidance so you can feel confident using aromatherapy to aid your comfort in all stages of your pregnancy.

  • Recommendations to ease 13 pesky and all-too-common symptoms associated with pregnancy.

  • A full debrief of 7 essential oils that you can use safely and with confidence.

  • A list of essential oils you can use to assist with labor and delivery, harnessing aromatherapy as a tool to bring your little one into the world.

  • Tips on essential oils for breastfeeding to ensure a sufficient milk supply.

  • A list of essential oils to avoid during pregnancy to safeguard the health of you and your baby. 

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“Thank you Yolanda - Appreciate the clear distinctions with the pregnancy development, labor, and post-natal considerations
with EOs and safety factors.” 

- Loree K. Oberle-Edwards