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Is Your Blood Pressure Too High and Getting You Down?

Too much stress! Are you going in too many directions? Doesn’t it seem like we are all there nowadays?

Trying to balance our new normals can be overwhelming. Whether you are dealing with zoom meetings, working online, or helping your children deal with school online, it can all be overwhelming. Dealing with all of this can get your pressure up!

You have probably heard the term “silent killer.” Well, that’s exactly what high blood pressure can be!

Why? Many other significant health challenges can result from high blood pressure, such as heart attack, stroke, heart failure, and even kidney disease. Other physical symptoms, such as headache, fatigue, vision impairment, confusion, and chest tightness, can make daily life a challenge. These symptoms can make living your best life a challenge. If you were to experience any significant health challenges, it would impact your health and your family and friends’ lives. Maintaining normal blood pressure means that you reduce your risk of health challenges!

Statistics Show

According to research, nearly half of Americans have high blood pressure. Contributing to those numbers include our diet, exercise, and stress. While there are some genetic factors to deal with, most of us have behavioral issues contributing to our high blood pressure. Behaviors such as smoking, drinking alcohol, eating unhealthy foods, and lack of exercise, to name a few.

Do You Know Your Numbers? 

It’s essential to know and understand what your blood pressure numbers are. Reference the chart below to see where you stand. 

What if you are on the borderline?

Now that you know your numbers and what category you fall in, what steps do you need to take? There are several things you can do to help improve your blood pressure holistically.

The following are steps you can take that can make an impact rather quickly:

>> Get moving - increase your level of activity.
>> Reduce the amount of alcohol you drink or tobacco you use.
>> Pay attention to the foods you put in your body.
>> Reduce your sodium intake
>> Lose weight
>> Get enough Sleep


But what if you are dealing with high blood pressure now?

Know that you’ve taken the first step to impact your health for the better! If your pressure is high, then be sure that you seek medical attention as needed. If you are under medical care, then take your medications and follow your doctor’s directions. Make the lifestyle changes you need and begin improving your health today.

Do you need a Wellness Specialist?

I know that it can be overwhelming with all the information out in the world about natural health and wellness. Remember, everything you do is about bringing balance to yourself. My approach to wellness is bringing balance to one wholistically! This means balancing your physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional needs; we are more than our physical body, and everything that happens to us affects our whole-being!

Wholly Yours!
Yolanda Heath, ND, CCA

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